Training continues to be a critical aspect for Law Enforcement Agencies.  Aside from the squinter that training receives from the media during litigation, effective training provides law enforcement officers with the foundation required to help maximize the service delivered to the people they serve.  After completing basic law enforcement training, Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 5.440(1)(e) “requires all police officers and deputy sheriff’s to successfully complete each calendar year an inservice training course, appropriate to the officer’s rank and responsibility and the sized location of the officer’s police department, of forty (40) hours’ duration, at a school certified or recognized by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council…”.  This in-service training is in addition to other required and preferred training, including but not limited to; driving skills, firearms, de-escalation and others, that the agency may conduct.  The Kentucky Justice Cabinet’s Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT), located in Richmond, Kentucky, provides a significant majority of this required in-service training for nearly every law enforcement agency in the state and shall continue to provide all of our basic training.

The Police Chiefs and Sheriffs in Campbell, Kenton & Boone Counties have established through the Northern Kentucky Police Chiefs Association, a regional subsidiary of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police created the Northern Kentucky Police & Sheriff’s Training Center (NKPSTC).  This training center is based currently out of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office and has the added benefit of multiple training sites throughout the Northern Kentucky region.

On July 14, 2022 Director John Moberly and Chairman Spike Jones of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council presented the certificate to the Northern Kentucky Chiefs & Sheriff’s, thus establishing the NKPSTC as an official In-Service Training Academy.